The circular is out: Cyprus Wine Trip Review

The wrap-up of a 5-day trip to Cyprus last February by active members of The Circle’ of Wine Writers has been shared online. Tip fo the hat to the delegation of members and their hosts for making possible the visit to the island, and to the stories that have already been penned and published in print and/or online.

The review of trip as a report includes member highlights by day, each exploring parts of wine producing regions of the island during the months of February 2024. All the visits during the trip were very carefully curated to make sure that the group came away with a real understanding of the unique history and grape varieties of Cyprus.

Already selected published stories appearing:

circle of wine writers

The ‘Good TasteGeras Skonis magazine by talented Circle of Wine Writers member Jolanta Smiciene The article is in Lithuanian but the emotions that Jolanta shares are evident from the photos. She features history, modern trends, grapes and gastronomy, with a special focus on the recovery of indigenous grape varieties and elite winemakers.

In the Yorkshire Post over two consecutive weeks (24th February 2024 & 2nd March 2024), and which were written by very talented Circle of Wine Writers member and journalist Christine Austin, following the CWW – Circle of Wine Writers press trip to Cyprus. Christine shares with readers the stories of a new generation of winemakers who are leaving their mark on the local wine industry,

In The World of Fine Wine following the CWW – Circle of Wine Writers press trip to Cyprus. An Island Apart is the very engaging account by Paul James White about the dynamic wine culture with a fascinating historical past for rediscovery, that should engage anyone about Cypriot wine which may have overcomed its clichés and is extraordinary in many aspects which Paul James will in a 3 part series cover most relevant aspects of Cyprus wine to date.

In Two Guys Talking Wine following the CWW – Circle of Wine Writers press trip to Cyprus, is on the Podcast, the very engaging conversation by Michael Pinkus who took the opportunity to leave the Canadian cold to visit the island of Cyprus. Nobody told André that Cyprus is different than Cypress – and he makes a bunch of Cypress Hill jokes. Did Michael learn anything about these wines? The answer may surprise you.

About the Circle of Wine Writers:

The Circle of Wine Writers Founded in 1960 by the late Cyril Ray, based in the UK, there are circa 240 members worldwide, based in 30 countries. It is an association of authors, writers, journalists, bloggers, broadcasters, photographers and lecturers, communicating about wines and spirits, a knowledge sharing group of professionals caring for the connection between the trade and communicators.