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A new grape day winewednesday

Fresh new day coming on December 1st – Maratheftiko Day.

You may think…geez…how original!? Well….Grape days may no longer be top of mind, and that’s ok, granted that the concept of grape days has been around for more 40 years, one does have to take things with a certain perspective.

Yet may I ask…Chardonnay Day, who owns that?

Unlike most popular grape days with varieties spread the world across, a Maratheftiko Grape Day has still the opportunity to be claimed locally and emerge as a day for appreciation of something one does own, cherishes and values….and when it does go International…more power to the grape, the growers, the winemakers, the traders and the winelovers. Yia Mas.

Akis Zambartas, a Cyprus Wine Star to shine eternally

A wine star on earth has been lost,  but we’ve gained a sparkle in the sky to eternally shine upon us.

Akis Zambartas

Akis Zambartas, Cypriot Winemaker transformed into the cornerstone of wine education in Cyprus passes away at the young age of 67 years due to illness. Marcos Zambartas and family will carry on the legacy established by this french-schooled ‘Amant du vin et de la vie‘. Bon Voyage nôtre ami Akis.