Unveiling grape and vineyard secrets

Cyprus Wine expressions whose time has come.

A timely present for fathers day and for a fond viticultural future of Cyprus wine.


Unveiling secrets – more than something to be proud of.

Vouni Panayia collective effort extracting and expressing knowledge, research and personal as well family affinity with the land. These Microcuvées come at a time where experimenting with local varieties has yet to reach its peak.

The Vouni Panagia Microvinifications Series is fruit of experimenting with the native varieties of Cyprus through a series of selected small microcuvées.

The aim of the family is an in-depth understanding of the potential of indigenous varieties of the island through the observation of their behavior in different wine-growing and oenological practices.

Each wine represents a specific theme. The seven themes – labels include shots from the people and the natural environment around the winery, as well as moments and memories of the family.

Marios Karystos, graphic designer responsible for Vouni Panagias new visual identity and label design, involved artists and friends Andrea Allabrite, Andreas Bouka, Dimitris Klonos, Alexandra Manousaki, Manolis Moumalides and George Tzavaras, who portrayed these stories in their unique style.

Update: A New 2018 Vintage is out

Terroir has to be discovered

If terroir is everything, yet it’s not discovered, then does it actually even exist?

Bold it is to zip around the world to discover them – that’s the essence of the World Explorers Project Comes to Cyprus.

To bring to light emerging countries. To visit regions in the making. To meet atypical winegrowers. To taste out of the ordinary wines. This is the ambition of WINE Explorers, a unique project to take an inventory of all the wine producing countries of the world.

Cyprus being among those 250 winegrowing regions targeted, the vineyards to be surveyed and wines to be tasted starts today, as project collaborators fly in this evening into Larnaca.
Wish them good luck and let the vineyards speak.

How curiosity in wine stays fashionable

A pleasant reminder of how far intuition and curiosity will still take you in our modern day world of wine

Rosés for the love of it

In a world of ephimeral fashions and trends, it’s highly appreciative to read and see  how far the good old curiosity can take you in modern day world of wine.

Follow this not to miss account on modern day cypriot rosés written and instigated by Elizabeth Gabay MW, joined by Sarah Jane Evans MW and masterly serviced by fellow MW, Yiannis Karakasis – yet another mark of his passage on the island this late spring.

We raise our glasses for their appreciation and the lovely line up pictured above by its author. Panta Kala Krasia

A nature of wine - cyprus wine blog

New Cyprus Wine Vintages to be showcased in Zurich

Spring is the season for renewing contact with New Generation Wines of Cyprus.

April 25, 2016 – Wolfbach11, Wolfbachstrasse 11.  Zurich is the host city to open a series of wine events related to the Cyprus Wine. The first of such occasion to bringing winemakers and winelovers together has been made possible by the guiding selection of Paphos Wein Imports, promoting Cyprus Wines in Switzerland for  a decade now

The wine scene in Cyprus has evolved dynamically in recent years and high altitude vines grown in the high-altitude foothills of the Troodos mountains enable winemakers to produce sought out and complex wines, that combine Mediterranean charm, structure and freshness in itself.

Vines of Cyprus - Winemaking regions of Cyprus

The Zurich event, Zypern: Viel Neues von der Insel, organised jointly with Mettler Vaterlaus, will be a tasting of new vintages made possible by Paphos Wein with the showcase for the long-established varieties like Xynisteri, Maratheftiko or Lefkada as well as from international varieties such as Sauvignon Blanc, Syrah or Cabernet Sauvignon and even the much celebrated revival of Commandaria Sweet Wine.

Guests will be able to meet and talk with Winemakers which be on hand in representation of the wineries from Ezousa, Etko, Makkas, Tsiakkas and Zambartas – all in the fore front of winemaking in Cyprus – An excellent opportunity to renew contact.

The event

15:30 to 17:00
Free tasting for professionals. Admission free. Registration required.

17:00 to 20:00
Free tasting for wine lovers. Admission free. Registration required.

Particiapting Wineries
Ezousa Winery
Etko Wines
Makkas Winery
Zambartas Wineries

Monday, April 25, 2016
3:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Wolfbach11, Wolfbachstrasse 11, 8032 Zurich


Wines for Smashing Plates have set sail

Discovering a nature of wine

Cyprus Wines for Smashing Plates Ezousa,Anama,Vouni Panyia Wineries

A bold book launch by Maria Elia #SmashingPlates could not deserve anything less.

Under the Evoinos guidance, we’ve packed Cyprus Indigenous white and red grapes to support the Smashing Plates book launch receptions taking place during the month of October in London.

Three bold wineries of Vouni Panayia, Ezousa and Anama will represent a consequent representation of wines aspiring for renewal and reach, embodying the essence of what we like to call – The New Generation Wines of Cyprus.

Xynisteri, Spourtiko and Promara white grapes will be matched by Maratheftiko and Mavro red and rosé wines for the different plates proposed by enlightening Chef Maria Elia.

We cannot but be thankful and humbled by the effort and willingness to collaborate by the present winemakers, Andreas Kyriakides, Michalis Constantinides and Lefteris Mohianakis at a time where quality winemaking in Cyprus is being challenged by all surrounding elements.

Success to an onward journey to the participants in captivating an eager audience for enhanced Mediterranean Tastes sourced from Cyprus.

Baïcchus: The high altitude Tour of Europe’s vineyards

What has cycling, vineyards, wine and altitude have to do with Cyprus? On paper, apparently nothing.

Baïcchus Tour

European Travel Tour in search of Vineyards of Altitude

Following the path from the Alps to the Caucasian mountain tops of Georgia, there is an adventure to be made to the remote winemaking and vine caring regions of Europe. Inspired by a CERVIM collaborator through the Rhône Chamber of Agriculture, Mickaël Olivon, will take him on a route to to understand high altitude Viticulture, their climate, topography their soils and human task in the adventure of cultivating vines at such challenging heights and wine regions remote to industrial winemaking. This is an effort that focuses on binding mutual experiences and federating know-how to put into value the uniqueness of winemaking.  But as you can observe from the red-dot line, there is a slight glitch to the diagram from this position which I slightly find annoying. None of this explorative trip will come in touch with viticulture as practiced in Cyprus such as Panayia and Pitsilia wine regions.

Panayia Wine Region - Cyprus Wine

The question we put forward today: If to knowledgeable professionals you’re not making it on the map to be visited, explored and understood for it’s uniqueness and singularities- Are there higher chances to be on the wine tasting map of consumers?

Isn’t progress in wine appreciation today about cultivating uniqueness and singularities? I’m not asking how we have come to this and who’s responsibility this is, I’m only signaling out a symptom of a reality as seen from the outside. But is it a reality we wish to change? Because we can talk about high altitude viticulture, terrasses, soils, terroirs and even highest altitude wineries, but if we’re not on the map, this can be too easily be confused with cheap talk and waist of opportunity that no ProWein event can compensate.

So while we work on these and many other issues, I do invite you to explore the work of the Cervim (Centre de Recherches, d’Etudes et de Valorisation de la Viticulture de Montage) presided by François Murisier, who’s bi-anual symposium brought together last year more than 600 wines to compete according to specific mountain viticulture  – and do follow the Baïchus Tour throught the links provided below in hope that more tours such as these can also be pursued on the island.

As it is still bottling season do join us in wishing Good wines and  Kαλά κρασιά σε ολους.

Media links of Baïcchus Tour
* Bourgogne Live et ses fortes pentes
* VinoVelo.fr  baicchus-tour
* The Baïcchus Web Presents

* Update 13/2/13

We are happy to announce that  Mickaël Olivon will be in condition to foresee  the Baïcchus tour of  mountain viticulture to be coming in Cyprus around February 2014.  Great news confirmed to us by email.

commandaria Cyprus wine gold

Commandaria – golden lining of Cyprus Wine

‘L’incontournable’ of Cyprus Wines

Stars are never dormant, otherwise we would never know of them.

Such is Commandaria wine, the classic style of fortified wine from Cyprus, perceived as a dormant gem yet with a reputation anchored in history, whose quality remains defiant to all modern still wines made on the island.

The Golden standard set by Commandaria, as judged annually in competitions, is today not only a  standard in wine making but also one of wine appreciation, a unique taste that has resisted yesterday’s rush for homogenization and market standardization by maintaining the innate qualities that are borne out from the sun, the vineyards and a wine making process that is authentically Cypriot. Continue reading

Harvesting wine experiences in Cyprus

Guest Blog Post by Kailash Gurnani –

Cyprus promised to be a new experience for the grape varieties, climate and nature of the wine industry – terraced hills slopes across the Limassol and Paphos regions that used to be vineyards signaled the history and significance of grape growing and winemaking in the country. Continue reading