Stellar Commandaria leads the 8th Cyprus Wine Awards

The Cyprus Wine Awards seem to highlight a growing commitment from wineries to Commandaria, it also set a challenge to the judges which decided not to award bronze in favour of high number of wines qualifying for silver. With a tally of a total of 3 grand golds, 16 golds and 24 silver medals awarded, the Commandaria Wines swept top awards, seemingly seducing the judging panel and confirming its good health among the 139 wines labels that participated in the 10 categories of the 8th Cyprus Wine competition. The special distinction for vinification of top local varieties Xynisteri and Marathetiko went to Ezousa Winery, while for Commandaria, it was Keo 1984 Commandaria which captured the distinction. The 2015 Cyprus Wine Competition Awards and Medals list goes as follow: Grand Gold: Commandaria Wine – St.John 1984 from Keo Winery Commandaria Wine – Centurion 2000 from Etko Winery Commandaria Wine – Alasia 2004 from Loel Winery

Categories with Gold Medals: Commandaria Wines

  • Tsiakkas Commandaria 2008, Tsiakkas Winery
  • Kyperounda Commandaria 2005, Kyperounda Winery
  • Kalamos Commandaria 2009, Nicholas Ignatiou & Sons
  • St. John N.V Commandaria, Keo Winery
  • G.Athenodorou Commandaria 2007, G. Athenodorou & Sons
  • Saint Barnabas Commandaria 2005, Sodap Kamenterena Winery
  • St. Nicholas Commandaria 2010, Etko Winery

Gold awarded Red Dry Wines

  • Metharme 2009, Ezousa Winery – Paphos Regional Wine
  • Vlasides Cabernet Sauvignon 2012, Vlasides Winery – Limassol regional wine
  • Constantinou Shiraz 2012, C.G. Constantinou – Limassol Regional Wine
  • Kolios, Shiraz 2008, Kolios Winery, Paphos Regional Wine
  • Constantino, Cabernet Sauvignon 2010, Erimoudes Winery, Limassol Regional Wine

Gold Awarded White dry Wines:

  • Ezousa Xynisteri 2014, Ezousa Winery, Pafos regional wine
  • Epos Chardonnay 2013, Kyperounda Winery, Limassol Regional Wine (gold)

commandaria wine -cyprus wine The best sweet white wine:

  • Mosxatos 2012, Ayia Mavri, Limassol regional wine (gold)

The best semi-dry or semi-sweet wines:

  • Gerolemo Xynisteri 2014 White, G. Athenodorou & Sons  (silver)
  • Persefoni Xynisteri 2014 White, Kolios Winery (silver)

The best Rosé wines:

  • Gerolemo Maratheftiko 2014 Rosé, G. Athenodorou & Sons (gold)
  • Eros Maratheftiko 2014 Rosé, Ezousa Winery (silver)
  • Kamanterena Lefkada 2014 Rosé, Sodap Kamanterena (silver)

The best White dry wines – Silver awarded wines

  • Ayioklima Xynisteri 2014, Constantinou Winery, Limassol regional wine
  • Tsiakkas Xynisteri, 2014, Tsiakkas Winery, Limassol regional wine
  • Vlasides multivarietal, 2014, Vlasides, Limassol regional wine
  • Petritis Xynisteri, 2013, Limassol regional wine
  • Gerolemo Xynisteri 2014, G. Athenodorou & Sons Paphos regional wine
  • Persefoni Xynisteri 2014 White, Kolios Winery Paphos regional wine
  • Melapsopodi Sauvignon Blanc 2014, Tsalapatis Winery, Paphos regional wine
  • Alina Xynisteri, 2014, Vouni Panayia Winery, Paphos regional wine
  • Epos Chardonnay  2014, Kyperounda Winery, Limassol regional wine
  • Kamanterena Xynisteri 2014, Sodap Kamanterena, Varietal Wine

The best Red dry wines – Silver awarded wines Maratheftiko Varietal

  • Tsiakkas Vamvakada Maratheftiko 2012, Tsiakkas Winery, Limassol regional wine
  • Makkas Maratheftiko 2011, Makkas Winery – Paphos regional wine
  • Argyrides Maratheftiko  2012, Vasa Winery, Limassol regional wine
  • Barba Yiannis Maratheftiko 2012, Vouni Panayia, Paphos regional wine
  • Zambartas Maratheftiko 2013, Zambartas Winery, Limassol regional wine

Cabernet Sauvignon

  • Constantinou Cabernet Sauvignon 2010, C.G. Constantinou – Limassol Regional Wine
  • Kyperounda Cabernet Sauvignon 2011, Kyperounda Winery, Limassol regional wine

Shiraz Varietal

  • Vardalis Shiraz 2013, Vardalis Winery, Limassol regional wine

Lefkada Varietal

  • Kamanterena Lefkada 2014, Sodap Kamanterena, Paphos

Multi Varietal

  • Epos Shiraz/Cabernet Sauvignon 2102, Kyperounda, Limassol Regional wine
  • Zambartas Shiraz-Lefkada 2010, Zambartas Winery, Limassol regional wine

Special Distinctions

  • Maratheftiko: Metharmi  2009, Ezousa Winery, Paphos regional wine
  • Xynisteri:  Ezousa Xynisteri 2014, Ezousa Winery, Paphos regional wine
  • Commandaria: St.John 1984 from Keo Winery

Judging Commitee: Alissa Gortsinskaja, Angeliki Tsioli, Denis Rudenko, Nikolas Varvarigos, Savvas Constantinou, Vasos Manoli and Maria Netsika (president) All celebration of events and the ceremony were held in remembrance of winemaker Akis Zambartas 8th Cyprus Wine Competition