Bold wine & dine dame, until the very end – Farewell Jill

see you beyond Jill
Fight is over, party with the stars darling.

Feature writer and cool hunter Jill Campbell MacKay passed away on saturday after a long fight with illness. Funeral to be held at the Lemona cemetery on 23rd of April, 2018

Fight against big C was tough and she leaves the entertainment scene orphan both professionally, as a bold journalist and Public relations personality, but also as a dear friend of her friends who enjoyed a good laugh and a bottle of wine.

You will be watching upon us from above and beyond Jill.
Αιωνια της η μνημη. Rest in peace.

Jill Campbell Mackay’s final resting place will be at the Lemona cemetery.
On Monday 23rd of April, 2018 there will be a service at the cemetery and a farewell drink in her honor. Her family arrived in Cyprus this Wednesday to accompany and arrange final details. We would like to extend our most sincere of condolences to family and friends.