Unveiling grape and vineyard secrets

Cyprus Wine expressions whose time has come.

A timely present for fathers day and for a fond viticultural future of Cyprus wine.


Unveiling secrets – more than something to be proud of.

Vouni Panayia collective effort extracting and expressing knowledge, research and personal as well family affinity with the land. These Microcuvées come at a time where experimenting with local varieties has yet to reach its peak.

The Vouni Panagia Microvinifications Series is fruit of experimenting with the native varieties of Cyprus through a series of selected small microcuvées.

The aim of the family is an in-depth understanding of the potential of indigenous varieties of the island through the observation of their behavior in different wine-growing and oenological practices.

Each wine represents a specific theme. The seven themes – labels include shots from the people and the natural environment around the winery, as well as moments and memories of the family.

Marios Karystos, graphic designer responsible for Vouni Panagias new visual identity and label design, involved artists and friends Andrea Allabrite, Andreas Bouka, Dimitris Klonos, Alexandra Manousaki, Manolis Moumalides and George Tzavaras, who portrayed these stories in their unique style.

Update: A New 2018 Vintage is out